Buylen Universal Waterproof Case with Super Sealability Technology, Cellphone Dry Bag Pouch with Sensitive PVC Touch Screen for Cellphone Up to 6.0″ Diagonal

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as of 02/24/2024 (Details)

Buylen waterproof smartphone case why choose Buylen waterproof case 1. Perfect size: We did 1000 questionnaire to get the average size from people and then create this case. Big waterproof case will make people feel not comfortable and small waterproof case sometime is not good at waterproof. But all this problem will not happen with this case. 2.100% waterproof: We have super salability technology and use it to create this case. Also, every detail are considered by us. We learn the problem the top of case always is not tight is the most importance of the waterproof function. So we design this top lock to seal it up tightly. 3.Fingerprint identification technology: This dry bag support you to use fingerprint identification technology. Not every waterproof case which have clear window have this function, but we do. Because we use quality plastic and make your phone fit in this case perfectly so that it support fingerprint identification technology. Notice: 1.Please use 2 finger to open the lock. It will be easy to open. Please take your phone case out when you use this waterproof case 2.If you have any problem, please let us know and we will help you at first. 3.Please remove protective case before use this case 4.It allows your iPhone 7 & 7 plus pressure-sensitive home button with haptic engine to activate your phone, and also for touch id fingerprints.

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