Dockem Luxe Wallet Case for iPhone X; Minimalist Card Case with UltraGrip Canvas Style Synthetic Leather, Slim Professional Snap On Cover w/ 2 Card Holder Slots [Black and Grey]

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as of 06/18/2024 (Details)

The Dockem Luxe Card Case for iPhone X is a highly functional yet attractive case. The premium Twill Canvas style synthetic leather with the elegant UltraGrip texture gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look and comfortable grip; it fits in with your casual jeans but also doesn't look out of place in a professional business environment. 2 card slots make this case a functional item to add to any iPhone user's repertoire. Go Wallet-less: Free yourself from one more item in your pockets. Keep your driver's license or other ID and your favorite credit card with your phone, and you're set for most situations. Note that we only recommend a maximum of 1 card per slot for best functionality. Wireless Charging: This case has no materials in it that will interfere with wireless (Qi) charging. However, proper wireless charging functionality is highly dependent on distance between the phone and the base. This case adds 4mm between your phone and the base without cards. Please check your charging base specs to ensure compatibility with this range. We recommend removing your cards prior to charging wirelessly. Please Note: The lip on this case extends approximately 1mm beyond the screen, providing limited screen protection if the phone is laying face down. We highly recommend using a solid screen protector in conjunction with this case. It does provide some protection, but please be reasonable with your expectations. We've placed an emphasis on aesthetics and wallet functionality; this is not a heavy-duty case. If you are looking for a lot of protection for your phone, this is not the case for you. Backed by Dockem's Top-Rated USA Customer Support and Quality Guarantee: Customer satisfaction means the world to us. As with all of our products, we offer quick, professional, and hassle-free support. Should anything go wrong, we're here to help and to resolve it in the most convenient manner possible.

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