iPhone Xs Max Case,PITAKA Magcase Aramid Fiber 6.5 Inch [Real Body Armor Material] Phone Case,Slim Fit Minimalist Strongest Durable Snugly Fit Snap-on Case for iPhone Xs Max 6.5″

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The aramid series is classy and stylish, ready for anything whether it is a casual gathering or a formal event, the aramid series always looks the part. These cases are made from aramid fibres, which were originally developed for use in aerospace and military applications. By using this complex material in our phone cases, PITAKA is committed to designing cases that can provide excellent protection for your phone, fit in with your individual needs as well as highlight your personal style. The aramid series has the following key features:- High strength- Good resistance to abrasion- Good resistance to organic solvents- Non-conductive - will not affect signal strength- No melting point- Low flammabilityThanks to our patented technology, we design and manufacture the lightest, the thinnest and the 'perfect-touch' feeling case.Aramid fibre material is 5 times stronger than the steel at the same weight, which makes the case rugged enough to withstand any drops, bumps, shock and impact.The MagCase contains 2 metal plates which can compatible with the PITAKA car mount for attaching and wireless chargingAbout PITAKAMr.Pittman (a US mechanical engineer) and Mr.Yutaka (a Japanese designer) created PITAKA. Both of them love the iPhone and hate to see its beauty obscured. So they created the PITAKA team with the primary objective of creating unique phone cases that are true to their original design aesthetics.As the inventor of the aramid case and the aramidcore technology, PITAKA is now the global leader of aramid phone cases and aramidcore accessories. Each product is designed and created with precision and the philosophy "stay slim, stay simple". Package Includes 1x Aramid Case iPhone is not included in the package.

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